Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans


The teaching units below were developed to integrate Religion topics with the life and mision of Sister Dorothy Stang. Each unit incorporates the use of online resources.

Resources are in .pdf file format or .doc format with the exception of those labeled ppt. Those are PowerPoint files referred to in the lesson plans.

Ages 3-5 Lesson Plans         Resources: 1A

Ages 6-7 Lesson Plans           Resources: 2A  2B  2C  2D  2E  2F

Ages 8-9 Lesson Plans            Resources: 3A  3B  3C  3D

Ages 10-11 Lesson Plans       Resources: 4A  4B  4C(ppt)  4D  4E  4F(ppt)  4G 

Ages 12-13 Lesson Plans        Resources: 5A(ppt)  5B  5C  5D  5E