Discipleship in the Global Society

Discipleship in the Global Society

Suggestions for use: This PowerPoint presentation is intended to be used as the introduction to the film “The Student, the Nun, and the Amazon.”

Materials for this presentation are the following (click to download or order):

Timing: Timing for the PowerPoint presentation can be determined by the presenter.

  • The suggested timing is approximately 20 to 25 minutes.
  • The timing for the DVD is 29 minutes.
  • The presenter can determine how much time to allow for discussion.

Sequence: The PowerPoint presentation leads into the film and should be presented prior to the viewing of the film. After slide #28 the film should be started. The last section of the PowerPoint script is to be used after the film. This section is to be spoken by a narrator.

Audience: The most appropriate audience is age 12 through adult age levels. If it is used with younger children, the presenter will need to adapt the script and provide definitions for some of the PowerPoint vocabulary and concepts.