Life of Saint Julie

Lesson Plan

Subject: Life of St. Julie Billiart


1. Familiarize the students with the life of St. Julie

2. Have students reflect on gifts and charism of St. Julie


1. Prayer.

2. Tell the students/audience you’re going to give a 15 minute presentation on the

Life of St. Julie Billiart. Ask them to listen for:

• Obstacles she had to overcome in her life

• Who or what helped her to overcome those obstacles

• What Julie’s favorite saying was

3. Do the presentation using the PowerPoint or the pdf. There is a script that can be printed.

4. Discuss the points listed under number two.

5. Discuss the following:

• What similarities do you see between Julie’s time and our own?

• If Julie were to walk into the room right now, what would you want to say to her?

Ask her?

• What advice do you think she’d give you at this point in your life?

• How do you/can you show God’s goodness in your life?


6. Assignment:

Have the students research the community St. Julie founded: the Sisters of Notre Dame

de Namur. Where are her Sisters currently living and working?

In what ways are they making God’s goodness known?