To Heaven on Foot

To Heaven on Foot

To Heaven on Foot is a collection of essays written by Sister Mary Linscott, SNDdeN.  Sister Mary was Superior General of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from 1969 to 1978.  The book is no longer in print.  Below are links to the individual chapters of the book.  

Forward and Dedication

Chapter 1:  To Heaven on Foot

Chapter 2:  Beginnings

Chapter 3: The Fortitude of Saint Julie

Chapter 4: Give Us the Poor

Chapter 5: The Greatest Work on Earth  (This chapter sets out the educational philosophy of Saint Julie.  An outline has been created to accompany this chapter.  Staff members of secondary schools have found this helpful.)

Chapter 6: Daughters of the Church

Chapter 7: Women of Prayer

Chapter 8: The Spirituality of Notre Dame