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by Sr. Lilian Oramah, SNDdeN

Students in Hausa cultural attire 300px web


Culture is a total way of a people, involves the behaviours, beliefs, value, and symbols that people accept without thinking about them. Culture is passed from one generation to another. Culture communicates a society's skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, and motives. It is expected that every generation passes to the next generation their way of life, so that what the generation believes and practices would be held in high esteem.

Nigeria as a country, has over 250 ethnic groups in which Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba are the major ethnic groups. Each of these ethnic groups have their different cultural practices that identifies and defines them.

In view of this, the students, staff and management of Notre Dame Academy, Awkunanaw, Enugu State-Nigeria deemed it fit to celebrate her rich cultural heritage in a grand style on November 25, 2017.

Each student, staff, management and friends of the above named school were officially assigned to belong to any of the cultural groups in other to represent other culture.


6 SNDdeN Awkunanaw 300px web

L-R: Sisters Anthonia Damissah, Maria Umeh, Chidi Umeasiegbu, Lucy Anaele, Schola Onwumar and Rosita Ignatius in different cultural attire.

It was fascinating to see people dressed happily in different cultural attires. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were not left out of the celebration as they were seen dressed also in their own cultural attires. One could hardly recognize the sisters except on close range.

Another thrilling part of the celebration was when the principal, Sister Chidiebere Umeasiegbu and the other sisters present took to the dancing floor. It was indeed fun watching the sisters dance.

Students 3 dancing Fulani dance 300px web

Students dancing Fulani dance

Highlight of events include: presentation of brief history of each of the cultural group, dance, drama, presentation of tribal food and drinks.

Some the dignitaries at the event were HRH Igwe Edmund Onyefulu of Omenaachi 3 of Amaetiti, Sr. Pricilia Aliu SNDdeN (Province Leadership Team Representative), Parent Teacher Association Chairman, Parents, Friends and well-wishers of the school. It was indeed a fun filled day.

A day remarkable in the history of the school. Long live Nigeria! Long live our cultures! Long live Notre Dame Academy, Awkunanaw!!!