October  1:  The evil spirit cannot enter a house where the sweet charity of Jesus Christ dwells, of which it forms the soul.  Build firmly on this foundation, my good sisters; let us all be closely united in the holy charity of our good God.


            2:  Love our good Jesus, live only for Him, practicing great simplicity of heart, unbounded charity towards one another, and so great compassion for the sufferings of others that you strive to bear them yourself instead.


            3:  Holy charity reigns amid the inhabitants of Heaven, and is the source of the delights experienced by the blessed who abide there.  Our Institute must be an image of Heaven by the reign within it of perfect charity -charity of heart and mind, universal love for all, but especially for our Sisters.


            4:  Tell all my dear daughters that I pray for each and all of them to my good Jesus, that they may be entirely His, always, always.  May His tender and adorable Heart inflame them all with the most ardent love and preserve among them a most intimate union with one another, so that they may seek only to glorify His most loving Heart by a spirit of charity and simplicity in everything.


            5:  I trust that the Sisters are showing a holy rivalry as to who shall be the kindest, the most humble, and who shall practice the greatest purity of intention, and do most for the glory of God.


            6:  We must beg earnestly in our prayers for a lively faith, a burning charity; these will support us as we tread our way long the high road of the Holy Cross.


            7:  I pray, with all my heart, that you and all my good sisters may have that spirit of charity, of meekness, and of patience which will make you love Our Lord in each one of the members of His Mystical Body.


            8:  If we do not advance, we go back and shall never get there, especially if we are aiming at charity and humility.


            9:  After all, dear daughters, when once I have said with my whole heart:  “May Jesus live in you,  What else remains to be said?  Let us become like Him.  If He is to live in us we must be gentle, patient, kind, merciful one towards the other, mutually forbearing.                    


            10:  Do not interfere with the work entrusted to others unless obedience obliges you to do so, or charity requires it.  In this latter case you are certainly allowed to give a helping hand to one of your Sisters or to offer her, kindly, some little counsel when she has made a mistake or things go wrong.  If you keep to this,  all will be done in order.


            11:  If you are faithful in practicing charity towards your fellow sisters, I can promise you that God will ever have you in His care, and that you will thereby draw down many graces upon our Institute, and even upon those who come after you, for you know by experience the influence of good example.


            12:  How often do you not feel drawn to imitate a sister who is full of the beautiful spirit of charity?  Try to reanimate its practice among us.  Oh, never, never, even to my last sigh, shall I grow tired of repeating to you:  “My children, love one another, if you desire to be pleasing to God.”


            13:  It is impossible to make our mediation well and not be obedient, not avoid failures in charity one towards another.  For do we not learn these virtues from our Divine Lord, Who said:  “Love one another as I have loved you?”  What do you go to meditation for, if not to learn this beautiful virtue of charity?”


            14:  Go and draw from your prayer and from Holy Communion humility, obedience, charity, and respect you owe to one another.  There is the foundation you must lay at the base of your perfection.


            15:  There are three chief means, my dear Sisters, by which we can acquire the spirit of our Institute, and the first of these is charity.  Have no doubt about this, my good daughters.  To those who love, nothing costs too much.


            16:  A soul that has acquired solid virtue lives truly by faith.  She regards only the will of Him who is her sole Heritage, her Spouse.  This enables her to be always even tempered, for she lives in God’s holy Presence, and by the constant remembrance of it urges herself to fight bravely, and to do herself the violence necessary in the work of her perfection.


            17:  Charity comes from God, and is distinguished from cordiality or from politeness by its humility.  A Sister of Notre Dame should never be rebuffed by ill-will or ingratitude:  she should see only souls created by God the Father, redeemed by the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


            18:  If we all work at making holy charity reign among us, and if we make all the sacrifices the good God asks of us in order to promote union of hearts, Our Holy Institute will be the delight of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the chosen Garden of the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady, the edification of Holy Mother Church, and the admiration of the whole world.


            19:  That Peace is not bought too dearly which we procure at the cost of a few sacrifices.  Yes, you will all taste of it, if you are filled with charity for one another.


            20:  Above all remember to abide and ever grow in the practice of the precept:  “Love one another.”


            21:  We must be united together as the stones of a building are united by the mortar.  Charity must be our predominant virtue:  the strong must support the weak.


            22:  Charity is a chain which unites souls to Jesus Christ and to one another.  This chain can never be broken without grieving the Heart of Jesus and causing scandal to Holy Church.


            23:  My dear daughters, be filled with the spirit of Jesus, which is a spirit of love, a spirit of mutual forbearance.


            24:  My dearest children, how much I desire to see among you that courtesy, that good understanding, that perfect similarity which makes people able to say when they see any of you:  “They are all just like one another.”


            25:  Let there be no warm discussions; where there is a difference of opinion sacrifice your own way of thinking in favor of charity.


            26:  What is chiefly important, my dear Sisters, is the preservation of the primitive spirit --- the spirit of perfect union, of tender charity, of absolute equality.


            27:  In Jesus Christ we are all one nation, though in a community there may be sisters from different countries and from different grades of society.  Each sister should look at every member of the community as another Jesus Christ.


            28:  I bear all my dear daughters in my heart, and everyday I offer them to my God that they may become victims of His adorable Will in everything.  May they ever live in Faith, in holy Hope, and in divine Charity.


            29:  The Charity of a Sister of Notre Dame must have three characteristics:  It must be supernatural, we should love our children because they are created to the image of God, and redeemed at the price of Our Lord’s most Precious Blood; it must be universal, having no preferences, unless perhaps for the poorest or the most troublesome; it must be efficacious in good works, not only cultivating the children’s minds, but instilling Christian principles into their souls.


            30:  My good Sisters, with one little grain of faith, we should practice charity in heroic degree, because it is the good God Himself, Who is present with us in the person of our neighbor.


            31:  My good daughters, Our Lord told His disciples they would be known by their love for one another.  It is a sign worthy of the love of our good and sweet Jesus.  I say the same to you, you will be known as true Sisters of Notre Dame, holy spouses of Jesus Christ, and my daughters if you have true love for one another.