June    1:  I shall find you all very holy, shall I not?  I am always placing you in the sweet lovable Heart of our Jesus and of His holy Mother...How sweet it is to love so good a Master.  Let us love Him very, very much.


            2:  Live in great peace, charity and humility, keeping yourself closely united to the adorable Heart of our good Jesus.  I shall always look for you there.


            3.  I often present to the good God your needs and my own:  pray for me, dear child, ask that I may become very little, very humble in every way that the good God alone may reign in my heart.  My prayer is that He may establish His absolute reign in your heart and in the hearts of all.


            4.  In the Sacred Heart our Sisters will find a sure refuge in trouble, and strength in their weakness; from that Heart they shall draw zeal for souls at its purest source, and united to the Heart of Jesus, they are certain to do lasting good to souls, and to bring much glory to God.


            5:  How sweet it is to make our dwelling in the adorable Heart of our good Jesus!  For the love of God let us never leave it, let us live there by love, let us die there of love.


            6:  I wish you all those good things which will best please the Heart of our good Jesus:  that you may all become faithful servants of that Lord to whom we are consecrated - our body, our soul, our mind, everything in us ought to be Jesus.


            7:  Remember always, I beg of you, that “virtue is made perfect in infirmity” the more faults we see in ourselves, the more eagerly we ought to take them to the adorable Heart of our Savior Jesus.


            8:  Hide yourselves deep in the adorable Heart of Jesus and be well convinced that there is not a single one of you whom I do not place, a thousand times a day, in that Divine Heart.


            9.  Let us abide in the adorable Heart of Jesus where we can always meet, in spite of the fury with which Hell is arming against us.  But, as the Hymn says:  “I fear nothing, Jesus is with me.”


            10:  Dear daughter, let us keep ourselves strongly rivetted to the Divine Center of our hearts, the Heart of Our Lord.  Pray, pray more and more, that the reign of our dear Lord may be established everywhere.


            11:  It is the Heart of our dear and sweet Jesus that I lay up all your acts of charity so that none may be lost.  And since He is so rich in good things what may we not hope for from His liberality.


            12:  I put you all into the sweet and loving Heart of my Jesus and into that of His blessed Mother, who is our Mother too.  Blessed be the sweet, loving Heart of my good Jesus, and blessed be His holy cross, even after Easter!  The cross is good at all times.


            13:  I assure you, my good daughters, that all your hearts are always quite close to my own heart.  What am I saying?  I only want them all in order to place them continually in the divine and adorable Heart of our sweet and loving Jesus.


            14:  In every circumstance the prayer of a good Sister of Notre Dame ought to be:  “Father, into Your hands I commend my mind and heart,” or , better still, “I place them in Your Sacred Heart.  Keep them for me, O my God.”


            15:  Courage, dear friend, courage!  The good God will be our strength; let us keep very close to Him, very close to His Heart.  He will take our cause in hand, it is His work, and it is for Him we labor.


            16:  Meet me in the Sacred Heart, my daughter, sighing over the abandonment in which this dear and adorable Master is left by His creatures.  Pierce, with the eyes of faith, the wall which separates   you from the Chapel, and lay all our hearts there as victims of love.


            17:  My dear daughter, has not the divine and adorable Heart of my good Jesus yet entirely consumed your own?  Shall I still find hearts which are not wholly filled with the desire of living only the life of Jesus within them?  O, beautiful and divine life.  Foretaste of the happiness of heaven.


            18:  The Church looks to all religious, and especially to us, Sisters of Notre Dame, to obtain good priests, holy missionaries count on us for success in their labors, sinners trust to us to win them the grace of conversion.  Above all, the Sacred Heart of Jesus expects from us that holy violence, that spirit of atonement which disarms His anger, justly irritated by the sins of men.  It is not enough for a Sister of Notre Dame to be a good class mistress --- she must always be working for the salvation of souls and for all the interests of Holy Church.


            19:  How pleasing to the Heart of Jesus is a soul adorned with holy charity.  She affords Him great delight and draws down blessings upon the whole community.


            20:  Our Lord, our Example in everything, shows us His Heart as the Perfect Model of charity.  Try to reproduce in yourselves, my good daughters, this virtue which reigns as queen over the Heart of our Divine Spouse, and which sets upon us all the seal of our belonging to God, and to the Institute of Notre Dame.


            21:  Our path has been marked out for us, let us walk along it bravely through the briars and the thorns, remembering that Jesus, our dear Master, goes before us.  Let it be said the He has at least some little servants on earth who are entirely devoted and consecrated to him.


            22:  Let us all draw close and closer the precious bond of our union in the Heart of our good Jesus!  That is the only prayer I make for you, dear Sisters, that all may be one.


            23:  Let us keep ourselves closely united to the Heart of our good Jesus, my dear good daughters.  Let it be our only Home here below in time, so that we may dwell in it throughout eternity.


            24:  It is in the Divine Heart of Jesus that we should live and die.  I always go there to find all my dear daughters.


            25.  Let us say together:  “How good is the Good God.”  Let us cast ourselves wholly and completely into the adorable Heart of Jesus, no matter how great a darkness envelops us.


            26:  I salute you all, my dear good daughters in the adorable Heart of our Good Jesus.  Let me always find you there.  Always, always!  O sweet and loving Heart of my good Jesus, keep safe all those whom Thou hast given to me.  They all wish to belong wholly to Thee, no matter what trials it may  be Thy good pleasure to send us.


            27:  Many times a day I take you all to the adorable Heart of Jesus, dear daughters, in order that whatever of the old Adam remains in you may be consumed by His love, so that we may each become another Jesus.  Yes, each of us, by our faithful correspondence to the designs of His adorable Providence upon us.


            28:  I place you in the adorable Heart of our good Jesus that He may give you all the graces necessary for the watchfulness He asks of you, the limitless charity which bears disagreeable things in imitation of Him.


            29.  Tell my good daughter that I expect her heart to be quite on fire with the love and charity of the Divine Heart of Jesus.  May this same Divine Heart be her place of retreat when she is in the midst of her class.  I hope she loves her students more than anything else, especially those not so nice as the others or who are, exteriorly at least, less attractive.


            30.  A true Sister of Notre Dame who lives in the Holy Presence of God will, despite her many varied occupations, hear her God say to her:  “Arise, my beloved, come my dove, into the holes of the rock, into the clefts of the wall.”  Then my daughters, you will hide yourselves in spirit in the open Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ; you will enter into His Sacred Heart, that Heart in which all members of the Institute ought to fix their dwelling.